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Bryars Gavin (*1943)

 01 / 53



Cadman Requiem
Adnan Songbook
Epilogue from Wonderlawn


Cadman Requiem :
Hilliard Ensemble
David James, alto
Rogers Vovey-Crump, John Potter
Gordon Jones

Richerd Campbell, Wendy Gillespie, viole soprano
Julia Hodgson; susanna Pell, Viole ténor
William Hunt, grande viole basse

Adnan Songbook
Gavin Bryars Ensemble
Bill Hawkes, Anderw Parker, altos
Gavin Bryars, contrebasse
James Woodrow, guitares
Roger Heaton, Clarinettes
Valdine anderson, soprano
Dave Smith, dir.

Epilogue from WonderLawn
Gavin Bryars Ensemble
(Sophie Harrie, Ziella Bryars, Orlanda Bryars, violoncelle)

Enregistré à LOndres en novembre 1997

Point Music 462511

Le site de Gavin Bryares :

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 Cadman Requiem
01- Requiem
02 - Caedmon Paraphrase (Bede)
03 - Agnus Dei
04 - Cadmon's "Creation Hymn"
05 - In Paradisium

Adnan Songbook
06 - Song I
07 - Song II
08 - Song  III
09 - Song IV
10 - Song V
11 - Song VI
12 - Song VII
13 - Song  VIII

14 - Epilogue from Wonderlawn
In May 1994 I worked with the choreographer Laurie Booth on a full evening piece called Wonderlawn for which I employed a small string group drawn from my ensemble consisting of viola, cello, double bass and electric guitar. In the original dance the final section was accompanied by a version of this Epilogue. I have subsequently modified the instrumentation and made a few other changes to the piece. For live performance I usually add a part for a second viola, as well as a bass-clarinet to reinforce the double bass part. In the published score as well as for the recorded version I include two additional cellos. The piece begins with a simple series of harmonies played as guitar arpeggios sustained by the bowed strings. It then evolves into an extended melody, a kind of song-without-words, for the solo viola supported by occasional duet material for the cello. The music was written specifically for the qualities which my own players bring to this music, particularly the expressive playing of my viola player Bill Hawkes.

The piece is dedicated to my daughters Ziella and Orlanda, both of whom are cellists and both of whom have played this piece with me on many occasions.

Gavin Bryars.


02 / 54



Concerto pour violoncelle
Farewell to Philosophy
Dédicacé à Julien Lloyd Weber
One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing, dédicacé à Nexus
By the Vaar, dédicacé à Charlie Haden

Juliar Lloyd Webber cello (1-7) Charlie Hader double-bacs (11-13)

English Ghamber Orchestra (1-7 & 11-13) Conducted by James Judd

Nexus (8-10)

Bob Eecker » Bill Cahn • Robin Engelman Russell Harterberger. John Wyre

Enregistré à LOndres, Abbey Road Studios, novembre 1995

Point Music, 454 126


Concerto pour violoncelle
Farewell to Philosophy
01 -    9'13"
02 - Più moseo   4'52"
03 -   4'38"
04 -   2'04"
05-  ('The Philosopher")  2'09"
06 -  Poco meno mosso   6'11"
07 - ("Farewell") a tempo   5'51"

One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing for percussion ensemble
08 - Lento   8'25"
09 - Più mosao   7'41"
10 -  coda  2'49

By the Vaar, for solo double-bacs, bacs clarinet, percussion and strings
11 -  8'39"
12 -   9'02"
13 - Epilogue 3'11"

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